Corporate Compliance Attorneys

Corporate Compliance Lawyers

Tucker | Pollard Attorneys at Law corporate compliance attorneys assists business clients in Southern California in protecting their directors and executive officers, as well as the corporation itself, from exposure to the risk of criminal liability that lies in not implementing effective and coordinated legal compliance policies and procedures. We believe in proactive corporate compliance which we compare to preventive “corporate medicine”. We emphasize early preventive measures before problems even arise in order to avoid future internal investigations, criminal probes, civil litigation, and criminal charges.

A corporate compliance program demonstrates that a corporation is constructing guidelines to control fraud and abuse, which, in the eyes of governmental enforcement authorities, can help greatly to mitigate damages and show intent. 

However, it is inevitable to completely guarantee that a company’s employees or agents will never engage in criminal activity involving the company. In the event, our attorneys will provide your company with the assurance that it has in place the appropriate internal controls, policies and procedures expected by governmental enforcement agencies, shareholders and third parties, thereby helping to mitigate any potential liability.