Lease Disputes Attorneys

Lease Disputes Lawyers

In California lease disputes between landlords and tenants are frequently becoming problematic situations that are practically inevitable. Disagreements over the fair market value of renewing lease options are occurring with greater frequency in the depressed real estate market. Leasing of premises is so prevalent that almost everyone will at some point be a landlord or a tenant in a lease dispute.

Residential tenants are protected by California state law and some municipalities adopted additional protections in the form of rent control laws. Residential protections cannot be waived by the tenant by written or oral agreement. In commercial leases, the courts look to the terms of the lease negotiated between the parties to determine their rights and responsibilities. Commercial landlords and tenants have much more flexibility to set their own “law” by outlining their rights and responsibilities in the lease agreement.

If you are alleged to have breached a contract, or if you are the aggrieved party, Tucker | Pollard Attorneys at Law will take practical and efficient steps designed to resolve the dispute, not prolong it. Whether it is negotiating the terms of a settlement, or fighting aggressively in the courtroom, our clients can expect disputes to be handled effectively and efficiently.