Lease Negotiation Attorneys

Lease Negotiation Lawyers

Tucker | Pollard Attorneys at Law represent both landlords and tenants in franchise, retail, and industrial leasing transactions involving the negotiation and drafting of space leases, California shopping center leases, land leases, office space leases, and ground leases. Your broker or real estate agent may say that they will review your lease, but they do not have the legal expertise or training to understand all of the provisions. One small item overlooked on a lease can cost you an astonishing amount of money. Terms in a lease are often difficult for people to understand. Attorneys draft most leases, and as such they are not always user friendly. We have the knowledge and skill to read a lease and break down the lease, putting it into terms that are easier for the average non-attorney to understand.

Our role as your lawyer and leasing counsel not only entails the traditional tasks of negotiating legal issues and drafting relevant provisions, we also provide advice and analysis relating to the effect various leasing strategies may have on specific financing and lender considerations as well as the overall asset management goals of the property.  It is this big-picture, "business-oriented" approach, when combined with our attention to detail, that makes us a recognized leader in commercial real estate lease negotiation and review.

We are devoted to provide the highest quality legal services with a focus on meeting our client’s individual needs. Our primary goal is to listen to our client and understand their needs. By gaining insight into their objectives, we are able to give them the satisfaction and comfort of knowing your legal and personal issues are addressed in an experienced, responsive, and cost effective manner.

Commercial real estate leases are complex documents, often requiring significant negotiation.  We assists commercial landlords and tenants by evaluating, negotiating, and drafting real property leases for a range of retail, professional, and industrial businesses.