Resident and Commercial Attorneys

Resident and Commercial Lawyers

As experienced real estate attorneys, Tucker | Pollard Attorneys at Law treats each matter like the unique situation it is. Whether it’s a condo or a studio, residential or commercial, financing or investment, a purchase or a sale, new construction or renovation: all real estate comes with a large list of potential pitfalls. As experienced real estate lawyers, we have come across the simplest of deal issues (which could have significant implications): such as whether a property as it stands is reflected in an offering plan or whether the seller want to remain in the property after sale; we help you identify any defects in construction or title or zoning issues.

We have helped our clients discover thousands of dollars in hidden costs and structure deals to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage, estate and income taxes.

As residential real estate lawyers (including studios, condominiums, houses and townhouses), our lawyers handle the following:

  • Real estate purchaser or buyer side transactions (including financing, studio offering plans, condominium offering plans, real estate appraisals, land surveys, title abstracts and engineer’s reports)
  • Seller side transactions
  • Real estate broker agreements for condominiums, cooperative apartments, etc.

As commercial real estate lawyers (office buildings, retail, parking garages, and shopping centers, etc.), our lawyers handle the following:

  • Create real estate corporations, including special purpose real estate entities, real estate partnerships and joint ventures
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Represent building owners, landlords, and tenants in negotiating, drafting, interpreting and enforcing real estate leases and subleases.
  • Easements and other real estate use licenses
  • Commercial real estate leases and office leases
  • Condominium conversions / cooperative apartment building conversions and development projects
  • Real estate due diligence (including title insurance review and land survey review)
  • Real estate broker agreements and construction contracts
  • Credit agreements/notes, security agreements, mortgages, and fixture filings on behalf of institutional real estate lenders such as mortgage banks
  • Real estate transactions involving foreign purchasers, avoiding U.S. estate and gift taxes and minimizing income taxes